Просмотр полной версии : Critter (Тварь)

23.08.2011, 14:44
Critter (Тварь) - довольно сильный шахматный движок, пользуется популярностью у адвансеров. Мультипроцессорный. Бесплатный. Поддерживает эндшпильные таблицы Гавиоты. Есть версии для Windows, *nix, Mac и Android. Последняя версия - 1.2. Скачать можно тут: http://www.vlasak.biz/critter/

31.12.2011, 20:21
Вышел Critter 1.4. Скачать можно там же: http://www.vlasak.biz/critter/ (сначала была версия с ошибкой, теперь её исправили).

14.04.2012, 16:31
Теперь доступна версия Critter 1.4a 64bit SSE4.
Точно быстрее, чем Сritter 1.4, но не факт, что сильнее.

Critter 1.4a - unofficial, unsupported, an only 64bit Sse4 build:


- tweaked SMP implementation
- sligthly decreased Queen value
- time management: try avoiding blunders in sudden death games when in time trouble
- time management: fixed losing on time whith "ponder on" games on opponent's instant reply
- improved pawn blockage detection (3B4/1r2p3/r2p1p2/bkp1P1p1/1p1P1PPp/p1P4P/PP1K4/3B4 w - - 0 1)

No guarantees about being equal/stronger than plain 1.4

16.06.2012, 16:02
Вышел Critter 1.6!

Список изменений:

Richard Vida
Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:54 am Post subject: Re: Critter 1.6 released!

Recent changes/additions:

- Automatic detection of SEE4.1 capable CPU. Both SSE4/non-SSE4 codepaths are now compiled in a single executable and chosen dynamically at runtime.

- Large pages suppport. This requires sufficient user privileges and right OS settings.

- Own book is automatically turned off when analysing.

- Engine now honors multi-pv even when the root position is a tablebase hit

- Session file now supports IDEA. SF writes are disabled at root when any moves were excluded.

- Session file writes are now protected by OS IPC mechanisms (semaphores/mutexes). Same session file can be accessed concurrenlty by multiple engine isntances without risking corruption (useful when running IDEA)

- Removed UCI option "SF strategy", now its value is hardwired to "depth"

- New UCI option "SF move limit" which disables learning after game has reached given number of moves. When set to 0 this option is ignored.

- New UCI option "SF material limit" (0..32). Disables learning when total amount of material is less than the given amount [Q=6, R=3, B&N=1]. When set to 0 this option is ignored.

- Gameplay related changes:
* Tweaked blocked-pawn recognizer
* Skewer detection in eval
* King safety tweaks
* Pseudo-contempt: slightly increased preference of moves increasing pressure on the opponents king
* slightly increased preference of pawn pushes in semi-blocked positions
* Recognizing more types of drawish endgames

- new console mode commands "sf probe", "sf delete", "sf store" for mainpulating session file entries


Скачать можно тут:

08.10.2012, 23:31
Для мобильни[ч]ков и планшет[ик]ов (Samsung Galaxy и др.) - НУЖНАЯ вещь. Версия 1.6а отлично работает с оболочкой (брать на Google Play) DroidFish chess (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.petero.droidfish&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5wZ XRlcm8uZHJvaWRmaXNoIl0.) (он идёт с родным Stockfish'ем). Вобщем, приятный движок для "мобильности". В поезде и автобусе можно скоротать время, если соседи хамоватые :p:p:p :cool:
недостаток Critter'а: нет версии для iOs(iPhone,iPad).
Critter 1.6a - пока последняя версия для Андройда, качаем тут (http://www.vlasak.biz/critter/counta.php).

28.07.2015, 01:11
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