Просмотр полной версии : Deep Junior

07.02.2012, 23:33
Вышла новая версия движка Deep Junior. Версия = 13.

Движок многопроцессорный, выпускается в 2 версиях: 32-bit и 64-bit.

Deep Junior has long been established as one of the world's premier chess playing engines and has won many World Computer Chess titles. Deep Junior 13 is as aggressive and attacking as ever with a wonderful sense for king attacks and dynamic play - an essential partner for any attack minded chess player. The Deep Junior chess program is unique in its understanding of compensation and therefore chess players of all standards can use Junior to gain a deep insight into their games and prepare new exciting lines involving sacrifices with confidence. The chess knowledge has naturally also been improved so the Deep Junior 13 series is the strongest ever Junior and capable of supporting up to 40 cores simultaneously for the ultimate performance. Read more about Deep Junior for PC...

Key features: Deep Junior 13 series multi-processor UCI chess engines (32 & 64 bit)
New and strongest ever Deep Junior chess engine, a generation ahead in strength over Deep Junior 12
Retains Deep Junior's enterprising and entertaining playing style in strongest ever setting
Supporting up to 40 cores with a new and improved multiprocessing algorithm
Strength Limitation feature adjusts playing strength to suit players from casual amateur to Grandmasters
Many time World Computer Chess Champion and the program that drew match with Kasparov in 2003
Junior 13 CTG opening book by GM Alon Greenfeld (2010 Chess Olympiad bronze medalist)
Integrated engine book for use where ctg cannot be used
Full set of configurable Deep Junior UCI engine parameters
FREE updates in the Deep Junior 13 series when available

Deep Junior 13 UCI is a PC Windows software download product only. It requires a UCI compatible chess GUI such as Chess Explorer, Fritz, Chessbase, Arena, Chess Assistant, Shredder, Chess Partner etc.

Купить можно тут: http://www.hiarcs.com/pc-chess-deep-junior.htm (хотя $80 за такую программу - слишком высокая цена...)
А бесплатно взять тут: http://immortalchess.net/forum/showthread.php?t=14054

14.04.2012, 16:11
ИМХО, по тестам - программа не слишком сильна...

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